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Ok so I never use to have an alarm active, I took the battery off to do some work and when I put it back on some how by magic I now have an alarm, this is a good thing apart from this.
When the alarm is ACTIVE I can start my car turn it off every things fine (apart from its un-driveable because the headlights flash)
if I turn the alarm off and unlock the doors the engine turns on ok and is drivable apart from when I want to turn it off, the only way to stop the car is to stall it and disconnect the battery because the dash stays lit.
Please help its been like it for over a week now and I really need a car again.
Can I turn the alarm off for good, I don't car about removing it, is there a way to just deactivate it so it'll never come on?
or better fix it so I can have both an alarm and a car.
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