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:lol: Hello, I've just joined the group after spending ages trying to find a 1007 group, so Yay :), My name is Josh and this is my second 1007, after having my first writ off by a plonker driving into in head on, but now I have a yellow one :p

Anyways I wanted to join a group for advice about the 1007 etc because i'm rubbish at mechanical stuff, I have noticed my doors are squeaking, making a horrible unhealthy sound. People tell me it sounds like it needs a good oil... but I need help in what oil and where to put it? and is this a common thing?

Thank you loads, looking forward to hearing back, oh one more thing, do you guys wave at each other, I used to own a smart car and i loved the fact we all waved?

Josh x:lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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