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Hey all.
Bought a THP 3008 back in 2014, loved it. serviced it on the button. treated it with love and affection.
At 19,000 miles it has to go back in for a timing chain, tensioner and guides.
Thats reassuring, isnt it?
I know theres a LOT of issues with the thp engine, but i thought it was just the early ones. :(

Had an interesting conversation with the service manager too, as i'm convinced that the 0-30 is too thin.....
He reakoned that the only reason they use 0-30 is because of the direct injection and its lack of valve wash. The oil is so thin that it takes ages to stick to the valves and turn into carbonny goodness.

So my thinking is this.....

Oil catch can (when warranty expires) and oil changes every 6k, using 5W30 or higher (correct spec, obviously, no point putting in 10W40 semi cos it'll mank it all up!).

Is there any thinking on why the tensioner is insufficiently man enough?
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