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Hi all,

Signed up as i've got a problem with Mrs 55' reg 206 1.4 hdi....

RANDOMLY on start up, after stop light is out...when you turn it over, the engine starts as normal....but when you go to pull revs, accelerator to the floor...nothing. SOMETIMES it will climb to 1.5k. now turn the engine off wait a few seconds.....start again and this can happen usually 3/4 times (when it randomly does) but on the rare occasion it has happened 10 times in a row, come rain or shine, fast driving slow driving, not touch for a week drove for 6 hours straight .... there's not one thing we can do to MAKE it happen.....

there is no warning/engine lights that come up and the car has full service dealer history (30k in jan)..... i'm hoping it's just a dodgy connector somewhere thati can replace? its going to be pointless (i assume) to put it on a diagnostics for a code because the engine lights not coming up so the code wont be saved?


Hi Aaron - and welcome to the forum.

Putting the car on a diagnostic machine is the way forward, even without any error lights illuminated.

There may still be codes recorded - but its not necessarily the codes that will lead to fix - you really need to examine the live data - and that will probably show what is really up with the car.

The live data would obviously only be of use if the fault was present - which you say is not always the case.

It could be one of many things, so not easy to guide you unless you are failry handy under the bonnet. I would check all electrical connectors, looking for signs of loose joints and even water ingress.

Live data when fault is present is the only way I think without just swapping parts.

Sorry its not a answer that will get you fixed!

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