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Hi All :)

I was driving today & when I tried shift into reverse, the gearstick went extremely loose & it took me 5 minutes to engage reverse :(

Now I cannot get reverse or 5th...1 though 4 seem okay but the lever is VERY loose even when in gear.

I've lifted the gear stick gaiter off the centre console & both selector cables look to be connected okay...Problem is I dont know where to look under the bonnet.

If anyone could please advise me where to look (and if anything needs to be removed for access) or if this is a job that needs to be done from underneath I would be incredibly grateful :)

My car is a 51 plate 1.6 16v 3 door 307

Many thanks,


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Put the gearstick into the 5th position then disengage it whilst pulling the gear lever to the left

I've found if i try and disengage 5th whilst the lever is being pushed to the right it goes into a kind of limbo where it feels disconnected!

Basically just make sure you arent putting any excessive right hand force on the lever when selecting 5th/reverse, see if that helps :)
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