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Hi all, hope you can help me,

I had a puncture on my front drivers side tyre. So went to whip off the tyre and change to spare... This is where the troubles start, I could get the 3 normal nuts off no problem but the locking wheel nut is was a different story. Was struggling to budge it then half then a peice of the locking wheel nut has snapped off. (this part il explain as best as possible, but bare with me) The actual peice that snapped off appears to be the end part of the wheel nut, when it sits in the actual wheel nut adaptor it isnt actuall the part that gets gripped by the wheel nut key. I think its just on there to help get purchase on the locking wheel nut grooves.

So lets say the actual locking wheel nut has been too rounded to take off, what could you suggest? I mean I'd say someone could weld annother bolt to it as there is such a large exposed surfact area and screw it off that way though i don't know anyone who has the equipment to do this for me.

I'd take it to a garage but in getting my car (about 100/200 metres) down the road back to my house the tyre has come off the alloy so actually driving it anywhere is not do-able. I REALLY don't want to have to pay for the car to get towed i genuinely dont have the money seeing as its december next month.

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