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Good morning all,

A lighting conundrum on my 2013 308SW.

Start the car. Side lights and LED DRLs automatically both on.

Turn lighting switch to sidelights, near-side side light and LED switches off. Off-side no problem.

All other lighting works fine on both sides with headlights and full beam, but near-side LED and side-light remain off, whilst they are on with near-side.

Turn lights off, both sides of LEDs and side-lights are activated once more...

Any suggestions?

Near-side got good dousing through standing water yesterday but all looks dry under the bonnet.

Thanks in advance

*** UPDATE. The car fixed itself today without any outside assistance. Seems water got where it shouldn't and has subsequently dried out. Be good to know the culprit so I could add vaseline and/or extra electrical insulation... ***
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