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I have been having issues with my lexia for weeks now. I finally went and bought myself a netboox and reformatted it to windows xp.
I installed the dvd which came with my lexia cable and everything seemed to go fine, i tried scanning my 307 with it but it is having communication issues.

It was able to tell me the chassis number of my 307 then when i went into the global test section sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldnt. After each section in the global test i am forced to click ok to go to the next test,is this normal?

Most of the time it will not work at all in global test, it says something like failed to communicate. when it does work it finds faults in my dpf (this is the reason i bought it). But when i try to read the faults or delete them then i get a communication error.
In global test it will never read my engine ecu, always says something along the lines of failed to communicate.

Iv tried reinstalling and its made no difference, ive tried using different usb ports and again no difference.
My lexia is the rev b model i believe, it is the older style 307 though so i thought rev b should be ok?

Any ideas before i give up?
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