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Bought one of those Lexia interfaces on Ebay a few months ago since my 407 2.0 HDI needs additive topping up and my 307 2.0 petrol had a faulty com2000, seemed like a good investment....

Installed and at least partially working i managed to get some faultcodes out of the cars confirming my suspicions.

My issue is now: I tried getting into the 307 to calibrate the steering angle sensor after replacing the com2000 but im not able to get any communications to either of the cars, the logs say communication error/no dialogue on all the devices, this was while running 6.1, i then updated to 6.19 wich came on the disc with the interface without any luck, the interface seems not to do anyhting. I think i could hear the relays inside the interface working the first time i got some communication and read the fault codes but this time the interface is totally quiet, i also think the led was flashing while it was working, it now just lights up as its plugged into teh laptop.

Anyone got a clue what might be wrong?

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