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I recently got a 307SW as 2nd car for my wife. (our first Peug!)
It has the well known problem with the AL4 so I got a Lexia clone from China and started the adventure by installing DiagBox in a VM.

I now got it working and I could read the faults from the car.
Most options work but when I try to update the ECU it deactivated...

This got me into reading about the Lexia interface and read a lot about the serial numbering. I looked at some dumps from the eeprom and found some common serial numbers which seems to be banned. This got into a discussion about the rev B and C but to me it looks like the rev B clones SN was just banned.

I installed PSA Interface Checker and found that it only shows the board reference, not the actual SN so I changed the executable to show the SN.

I will try to change the ref and SN as described by _nlc_ and see if things will work then as I think the current SN is banned also.

I ordered new BW valves, so when I will revise the AL4 labyrinth I will make some photo's and post them here with a story.
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