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Leaking power steering hose

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So my 03 1.9d van is dripping steering fluid from the join on this pipe underneath.
Is there anyway of repairing the join where its leaking or do I have to replace the whole pipe?

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The picture isnt looking great, but I suspect it is reinforced rubber hose? (the bottom part of the picture where it shows the walls of the hose arent clear enough whether it is an armored hose). The metal part can be saved. They will just remove the sheath of the rubber hose and disconnect the metal tube. And make a new one. Or just remake the connector where it leaks.

If this is not armored hose, and a return pipe, then it is not much of consequence. Just replace the hose and get on with it.

I think the picture shows the armored hose because only armored hoses would use a pressed sheat around it. You will need to take it to the hose maker and ask them to repair the hose. I am pretty sure the metal tube can be saved.
Also why do you think that this part is leaking? Judging from the hose condition I can tell that steering fluid must be all over the hose. Maybe it is the connector on top of the hose is leaking?
Thanks for the reply. The pic isn't my hose its just one I found on the web to illustrate where the leak is coming from. The crimped on part is where it is dripping from.

Here`s mine. Made it yesterday. Metal tube was cut because I couldnt remove it. The fittings were stuck. I tried to cut through rubber hose and failed. Back then I didnt know that it was armored and you cant cut it with normal means. The bottom metal tube was imported from old hose because the fitting on it was unavailable as a new one and they just used the old one. It was enough for them to remove the sheath around the hose and it came out. I am pretty sure the same is possible with the tube on the picture above. Or your tube if it has the same construction. It works perfectly now but I encountered another problem. The rubber sealant inside the steering rack is leaking. And it is a new one. Dammnit, now I have to remove it all over again. Stabilizator, steering rack, outer tie rods. Even the hydraulic hoses just like in the picture above. I got to myself at least 4-5 days worth of work now.
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That sucks :(

I'm going to take mine off and see if I can locate exactly where its leaking as I'm wondering if its possibly running to the lowest point.

To be honest I've been putting it off over winter - so need to get my ass in gear and sort it.
I think you should. Because it is my understanding and beleif that the steering pump is getting lubricated itself by the steering fluid0 that runs through it. Hence no fluid no lubrication.
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The crimped on part is where it is dripping from.
The hose itself can be replaced without buying the whole part, but only hydraulics fitter (like Enzed here) company will have the equipment and by the time add labour changes, might be cheaper to buy the whole part. Normally, once the crimping goes, the hose itself is not far behind it.
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