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Just though I'd list this in case anyone else has had the same problems as me with a lack of power from my 307

I have a 307 DTurbo 2.0 HDI (with FAP) 2003 with approx 74K on it. Basically the car felt as though the turbo was not kicking in (couldn't hear the distintive whistle when it was working normally)

So driving it meant using a lot of revs to keep the momentum up and overtaking anything was a bit of a mission. Also noticed the car felt alot better once it was warmed up when pulling away and at low speeds, but gutless at anything more than that

Anyway there were no lights indicating any problems on the dashboard and there was no smoke coming from the exhaust. Basically the car was running as normal however without the Turbo.

Booked it in Peugeot and they diagnosed the problem to be the Turbo Electro Valve. They didn't have the part in but would have it the next day and advised me not to drive the car. So carlessthey kept the car for the night and duly replaced the part and hey presto everything was back to normal.

Expecting the worst when coming to pay for it, I was suprised to find the bill came to £116.89. The part (p0000161883 - ELECTRO VALVE) cost £41.48 ex VAT for those of you who have the knowledge to do it yourselves. Labour was £58 ex VAT which isn't bad considering I don't have the means to pull off any of the codes.
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