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Hi all,

Ive got serious engine issues and wondered if anyone has encountered similar....

Firstly car was misfiring on odd occasion, took to dealer, couldnt find issue however there was a battery issue and that was replaced under warranty

6-8 months later car started misfiring more often and this time giving engine repair fault on touch screen, took to dealer, couldnt find exact problem but changed some sort of fan relay

Car then produced same error 2 days later, took back to dealer who informed me due to return fault Peugeot technical team would have to be notified.

Dealer called to let me know that they were advised to change Cat and lamba sensor. Car then continued to produce error.

Peugeot then sent a list of checks to be completed, one was bore camera and have noticed wet inside and Peugeot have stated a new engine is needed.

Additionally Peugeot are trying to get out of warranty so ensure when you have yours serviced pay extra for the recommended oil as stated in handbook..... im currently awaiting proof from garages of what oil was used or they are not fixing under warranty!!
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