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Hi folks! Newbie here straight in with a puzzler...

When I got my car (2003MY 206SW DTurbo HDi) it only came with one key. I managed to negotiate £100 off the price as a spare key was going to cost me at least that from a dealer as the pass code for the BSI unit wasn't supplied either.

The car is plexed, and the key I got includes a remote control that has one round button for unlocking, and an oblong shaped locking button (see attached picture).

Now, what I have established so far is that at the very least I will need a new key blade (obviously) cut to suit my locks, plus I will need a new PCF7936AS transponder chip (ID46) programmed to suit the immobiliser (apparently you cannot re-use immobiliser transponder chips - once they have been coded to one car they are fixed).

However, I have been told that the remote control part of the key CAN be re-used with a different car. The reason I am posting is that I can get a second hand key for about a 10th of what they cost new and replace the blade and chip for about £5. Cutting the blade will cost about another £5 and programming the chip will cost £35.

What I'd like to know is a definitive answer to this question - has anyone successfully used a second-hand alarm/central locking remote control (post 2002 model) on their 206?

Many thanks...


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