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Hi all, I'm new to all this - I have never used a forum before. My Dad suggested I asked you people on here for help / advice.
I own a 2002 plate Peugeot 406, which I have only had about 2 months maximum. My Peugeot only came with ONE key, no spares, no fob or nothing. I find it very annoying when I have my arms full with horse items and hanging onto a lively German Shepherd, to then have to go to the drivers door to lock the car! I would have thought in this day & age they all came with a remote button of some description?
How do I go about getting a remote button for my Peugoet 406 please? It it a button on the key? or a separate fob? Once I have sorted this, is it easy to re-programme? (not for me to do, but dad can hopefully do it).
Hope someone can help me please :)
Thank You,
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