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I've just bought this car and it was delivered with faults. i'm working with the garage to sort this but i'm just after some clue as to what the problem may be.

The faults are as follows (after starting engine):
- fuel access open (its closed)
- antipollution fault
- deisel additive minimum level

if the engine is started as soon as the key is in the ignition i get:
- braking fault as well.

i read somewhere that a faulty fual cap can cause these types of warnings so i pushed it in quite firmly and started the engine, no errors came on. This however has stopped working, i cant get the errors to go whatever i do.

Also the rear speakers and horn doesnt work.

I had my local garage take a look at the car. They changed the air filter and the antipolution warning went off, which was great. Thing is, later that day i was trying to get the rear speakers working by tampering with the cd player and got the dreaded economy mode light. after a panic i unpluged the battery to reset it and guess what, the antipollution light returned!

Any help much appreciated

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Horn is likely to be the horn itself, fuse or the earth wire behind the airbag,
best bet being the earth wire.

the diesel additive has to be topped up , then has to be reset i think so the ecu knows it has been done.

antipollution could be anything very generic , need a codereader to send you in right direction.(is garage peugeot , if not can they read specific codes for your car?)

if your taking the battery off , did you send the car to sleep first ?(soft boot methord)

Whenever a vehicle battery has to be dis-connected, switch off all equipment,
interior lights etc, close the doors leaving the drivers window open.
Switch off the ignition and remove the key and any DIAG equipment.

Wait a full 3 minutes before disconnecting the battery.

The BSi must be allowed to go to SLEEP i.e. into "power save mode". Do not
operate any equipment on the vehicle during this time. Remember, even
opening the bonnet will wake the BSi on a vehicle fitted with alarm.

If the battery is under the bonnet, open the bonnet first and leave it up. 807
batteries can be dis-connected through the drivers window, remove floor cover
first. (note, Pics are under the passenger seat)

ALWAYS disconnect any DIAG equipment and do not operate any plips from
other vehicles during the 3 minute waiting period

Unless otherwise instructed by Product Service, you must always
carry out the following procedure, often referred to as a "soft re-boot", to
minimise the possibility of the BSi corrupting its own software when
reconnecting the vehicles battery supply.
Ensure the procedure for battery disconnection has been adhered to and
importantly all BSi functions were switched off with the drivers window left
1 Close all doors
2 Remove ignition key if left in ignition
3 Reconnect battery. DO NOT open any doors
4 Wait 10 seconds
5 Switch on headlights through the drivers window (you will hear a "bong") (note: Snap-on says Side-lights)
6 Switch on ignition then start the vehicle and check system functions

NOTE: Upon reconnection, if any vehicle function controlled by the BSi i.e .
interior light is switched on,the internal operation of the BSi has the potential
to spike or corrupt its configuration and software program

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thanks for the feedback, i didnt do the soft reset so this may be why the warning light is back. i've booked the car into a main dealer for diognostics this friday, hoping its just a faulty filler cap. The car had an mot last week, not sure how it passed with a broken horn.
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