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Picked up a bottle from Wilkinsons - £4.99 for 500 ml.

It claims to 'clean and shine your car with NO WATER' - so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'd not washed the car for a couple of weeks - due to recent bad weather -so the car was really filthy, in fact you could barely see the colour of the car.

It does work, you spray the car, wait a few moments - wipe away the spray and then buff to a shine. I used about 2/3 of a bottle - but I should imagine it would last for around 3 uses - my car was exceptionally rammy.

It does leave a white residue -but as long as you don't wait too long - it wipes off easily.

You will need a good supply of clean cloths - a towel type material is the best as this lifts off the spray easier.

Took about 20 mins would have taken over an hour using the traditional wash and wax approach.

Is it worth it?

Yes - if you want a clean car and hate valeting/don't have the time;
No - if you want a clean car and like valeting

Value wise - OK - but you could just run the car through a local car wash.

If you want some of this, go to Wilkinsons - ebay are selling it for £9 a bottle.

Wilkinsons also sell a Car Plan version, which is cheaper - but slightly harder to remove.
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