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Hi, I’ve found the official amp and official speakers on eBay to upgrade my 207cc GT.

I have a Peugeot 207cc GT, 2008 on a 57 plate. This item isn’t factory fitted.

1) Does this car have the wiring already built within the car to connect?
2) where does this amp plug in?
3) where is the amp stored?
4) will I need Peugeot Planet to configure?
5) I have found a full set of genuine speakers. Do you know if they simply plug in (ie I unplug normal speakers and JBL ones plug in?)?
6) do I need a subwoofer
7) does this system seriously make any difference?


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I'm not exactly an expert, but some stuff I believe is true from looking at upgrading my own car audio...

1. Unlikely. afaik it uses a separate sub loom for the amp (to go between head unit, amp and speakers) which was only fitted if specced.

2. See above.

3. Some cars have the amp attached to the sub enclosure in the boot, some have it mounted under the dash.

4. The amp should require line level signals, so you need to reconfigure the head unit to "switch off" it's built in amp - done in planet.

5. I believe they just plug in, but without installing, wiring and configuring the jbl amp they'll just be running off the hu amp - it'll be better than stock, but not as good as doing the whole job.

6. EVERYONE needs a subwoofer ;) It's not (always) about thumping baselines - whatever is printed on the box door speakers won't be doing much under a couple of hundred Hz or so, and nothing under ~100Hz. That's where the sub comes in for low frequency fill and reinforcement. Just about every type of music benefits.

7. It'll make some difference. It'll be better quality and so subjectively louder. (Anything can be loud, but if it sounds good you can turn it up more before getting to the "omg that's horrible" stage).

So, you need to decide what you want and how much work you're prepared to do. You could just replace the stock speakers and have a little upgrade (which honestly would please most people), you could also install the jbl amp for a bit more body, and get a sub sorted.

Or, you could get silly and look at a multi amp system with custom speaker enclosures - but who in their right mind would consider that..................
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