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Hello All,

May I introduce myself as someone who for many years owned a late model Jaguar XJ6 (AKA XJ40) - a 1994 Sovereign 4.0 to be precise. I was a regular contributor to the forum with the same username I have on here.

With my background in electronics there isn't an electrical problem with these cars that I can't get to the bottom of. And there are PLENTY of electrical problems that plague these cars!

I also performed extensive mechanical restorations including rear subframe bush replacement and a full-frontal wings-off restoration and suspension bush rebuild much of which was featured in a two-page Jaguar Enthusiast's Club magazine article in April 2015.

Loss of job forced relocation from rural Hampshire to Central London where I'm running a 207SW for practicality but I want you all to know there's a bloke in NW1 that knows shedloads about Jaaaaaaaaaags.

Ivor Davies
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