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When looking around for an OEM head unti fo rmy 2002 1.4HDI, I see that there are two different connection types of head unit, depending on age.

My car has what I would describe as "traditional ISO".

In the picture here:

The ISO are the two right hand connectors.

Am I correct in thinking that the left hand connector will only be used for the CD changer, or, do I need to go looking for another cable behind the dash?

Many thanks


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I think that is right, only a peugeot standard changer will use the left hand connector

The stalk remote and screen info is controlled by cables 2 and 3 on the power ISO block :thumb:

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Many thanks for that - just bought a head need to negotiate getting it coded now...

What happens when its not coded? does it play, just beep or do nothing?


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Couldnt tell you unfortunately, have never had a standard one in there

Did you go for the cd player on its own or the cd player/changer combo?

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Hello my friend

RD3 Conections

Pin1 - Signal Mute
Pin2 - VAN Data in
Pin3 - VAN Data out
Pin4 - Suplly VAN
Pin5 - 12V Comuted
Pin6 - not used (12V ignition)
Pin7 - 12V Suplly
Pin8 - GND

To connect a radio standard ISO

Conect Pin8 Car to--------Pin8 standard ISO (GND)

Conect Pin7 Car to--------Pin4 standard ISO (12V Suplly)

Conect Pin6 Car to--------Pin7 standard ISO (12V Ignition)

The resantes pins are in the car are the communications VAN should not tinker much them not being so connected.

The schedule of speakers is equal, no change

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Cheers for that, have been wanting to know the exact pinouts for a while

Just out of interest do you know what pin 4 (car) controls

My auto dimmer on my sony unit doesnt work as i ripped all non essential cables off it, wondering if pin 4 is the one that does it!

Thanks again

Rich :thumb:
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