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My 406 TD from 99 started to become greasy around the expansion tank at first. The amount of oil floating on top of the water increased in a few running days more and more until I decided to change the head-gasket.

I checked the oil-cooler and found no leakages there. By taking off the hose from the water-pump I noticed an excessive amount of pure oil and it made me doubt if this can be a head-gasket solely, see picture:

While running there where no air bubbles in the expansion tank and the oil in the engine was water-free. The oil just went with the cooling liquid and at the last running day very fast.

Anybody experience with this? Can I rest assure when I just change the gasket?

Maybe this can give a clue although I think it's coincidence: There was some engine noise before as you can read here:

Thanks in advance for any help!


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