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Should I replace my clutch? (1995 306XL 152k miles)

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Hi everyone,

I've just been told my clutch needs replacing and have been quoted £355. My car is an 1995 N reg 306XL.

I've had it almost 8 years and it's 152k on the clock. It's been serviced and MoT'd every year I've had it, so has had bits here and there fixed (brakes, exhaust, cooling fan, etc etc). However, this is about the first "big" thing to go wrong. It'll need another MoT in March.

Basically I'm after your advice and opinions on whether I should replace the clutch or just scrap the car.

At this sort of age, will it just start falling apart? If I replace the clutch, is it likely the gearbox or engine will go soon after?

Thanks very much in advance for any help you can offer!


PS. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll warn that I've posted this on a few forums. Apologies to those of you who visit all the Pug forums!

Do you know oif another solid and dependable car for sale for £355? If yes, then scrap it. If no, then repair it on the basis that the money spent would probably only buy you a POS and a load more hassle.

Good luck.
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