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Had my van serviced today and gave a couple of issues I was concerned with when I dropped it off. So it had a service and this was what it came back with.
I had a water leak, which I wondered if it was head gasket.. but its not. It is water pump and water hoses on heater matrix the price for this to be sorted is £205
Brake squeek is hand brake cables binding and wheel cylinders shot so that to be sorted is
£99 parts
£84 labour
so plus Vat thats £215
then its brake fluid being lost which is a knackered clutch master cylinder
so thats £114 with vat an labour
last is a cv gator gone which is £78 to sort
£25 for the gaitor £42 labour an £12 vat:eek:

Basically £620 I paid £1400 for the van a year ago and have already had a ball joint done and other bits.
Would I be throwing good money at bad ????????????????????

Can you find a decent, tidy replacement van for £620? If not, elementary maths says get the work done.

Even if you did find another van, at that price you risk it being a pile of cack.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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