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Had the van on service today and was back to heaven when i got to drive the 20 year old spare car.

Asked them if it was possible to disable Roll back but they didn't even know what I was talking about. We got 20 Experts on lease and it doesn't work on a singel one. I have even manged to make sidmarks with the backwheels when i got so mad at it an just dumped the clutch. It's even more anoying in the winter. Is there anyway to disable it through diagnostics or am I foced to keep beging for an old Transporter or Transit

Also would like to be able to disable economy mode so the light in the cargo area stays on for as long as I want or am I really forced to drag a wire straight from the battery like old times?

Ps a really really hate this ��, place convert me with some simple fix ��
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