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I have just bought a 2012 3008 HDi Active II and I'm having a few issues with connecting my iPhone 5s (iOS 8.2) to the car bluetooth/aux system.

iPhone connects to BT systems ok and I can make and receive phone calls without any major issues but the system completely mutes all other notification sounds such as text message sounds.

It also mutes the voice instructions when using Apple Maps, Google Maps or the TomTom navigation app. The visual mapping works perfectly but there are absolutely no voice instructions.

The only way I can get the voice instructions to work is by plugging the iPhone into the AUX socket in the centre console using a Lightning cable. Unfortunately this throws up another issue in that as soon as the iPhone is plugged in, the car system makes it start playing music. This music is always from the same album but not the track which would be played if your went to the Music app and looked under "Now playing".

I can stop this music playing by opening the Music app and stopping it there. When I then open any of the sat nav apps and set a route, the music starts playing again when I start the navigation and so I have to go back into Music and stop it again.

Also when I decide to play music when the iPhone is plugged into the AUX socket, it will play one track from the album I choose and then play a track from the album it plays when first plugging in to the AUX socket. It will not play the complete album of my choice.

So the questions are...

How I can get sat nav voice instructions when connected via bluetooth?
How can I stop the music playing when first plugged into the AUX socket?
How can I get a complete album to play when plugged into the AUX socket?

And a related question...
Can you use the radio when the iPhone is plugged into the AUX socket when I'm using the sat nav? I can't see a way how because you are having to choose a source - Radio or AUX 1 or BT.

Sorry for such a longwinded first post.
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