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Hi All - Mat here, 2008 Peugeot 308 Touring XSE HDI 2.0 getting on a bit now and showing its age, family car.
I'm new to posting to forums, usually I can get on the right track by reading others similar issues.
My latest problem is one that I am getting various/differing information on "De pollution system faulty"

Latest problems include, when cold:
  1. starts once normally, then stalls.
  2. when attempting to start again, winds over but doesn't startup
  3. if it does start up, have to keep the revs up or it stalls.
  4. blowing a bit of smoke once its started
I have read that this could be due to:
  • sensor/s
  • glow plugs
  • fuel filter
  • diagnostic fault
  • or I could blow it out on the highway for 20 mins (just been on a 600km round trip) didn't seem to fix it
If this information is enough for an idea into what may be wrong, I'd be grateful to hear back.


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Do you have any fault codes. It could be a leaky injector or fuel system air leak. They are two of the most common reasons for poor starting and smoke (especially if the smoke is white)

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