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Hi All,

Dont know if its custom to do introduction here, but here is a small one.

My name is Michel Schmets and i'm from the Netherlands. Currently 37 years old and i'm a transmission specialist for the last 10 years, before that i was an IT guy.

I do allot of Diagnostics on cars, including Peugeot, which led met to this forum.

I work for a small shop in the Netherlands, and also give seminars, consults and co-write manuals for ATSG in the USA.

For my hobby i had several Peugeot 106 GTI's. My last one i converted to a 8500 rpm Rally Machine. This was quite some years ago, and i still have my first 106 in the Garage. This is a long term Turbo project. Engine is buid, now i only need to make the intake, the exhaust, BE4 gearbox conversion and megaaquirt it :p

Any questions regarding Electronics, transmissions or tuning, just yell :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts