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Hi all, First post!

Just purchased myself a little Peugeot 306 and have been having a few problems with it. It's a 1998 Meridian 1.4 5 door.

The car was bought dirt cheap with a knackered head gasket and a slight misfire. I've changed the cambelt & head gasket...however the misfire continues.

Have changed plugs & coilpack as they were suspect. No joy.
Have checked all wiring connectors & no joy.

Car can do a 40min test drive including a run up to over 100mph on the motorway, round town - no issues however then starts misfiring and running on three cylinders. Other times it'll be as soon as any load is put on the engine it drops to three. Its worth noting that the 40min test drive was after I swapped coils to a breakers black plug coil off a 1.1 206 & that the misfire usually seems to start when the cars been in stationary traffic/around 80-90degrees & once it's cooled off it'll go back to starting on four and running sweetly. When it does run it pulls well, no knocks, bangs or anything else.

No idea why. It flags an engine management light, but i've no idea on where I can get a code reader from as apparently the '98 model diddn't have an OBD compatible ECU but had the OBD socket?

Figured it was about time I asked some people who were clued up on Peugeot's as i'm lost on this one. The next thing i'd heard of going iffy on these was the injectors sticking...does this sound like a good idea, or am I better off chasing the temp issue & swapping out the coolant temp sensor on the thermostat housing next?

Many thanks

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