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Interior trim finish

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When I ordered my 3008 GT back a few months ago - I opted for the alcantara option as the dealer told me there were issues with the blue oak. I went and collected my car a couple of weeks ago - low and behold :eek: it had the blue oak. When I challenged the dealer on why this was - he was lost for words. I did take the vehicle with the oak as I do prefer it. Point is though - bad service :nono:from the dealership. What could have been my options with this "mishap" ? :confused:
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To summarize then, you now have the car but with the blue oak you prefer anyway and now want 'options'.

Well, one option was to refuse the car at handover which you clearly haven't, so by options, I assume you mean you want suggestions from members on what you could have asked the dealer for, like free speed camera alerts, free tanks of fuel etc, as its not Alacantra trim as ordered, even though you prefer the Oak.

If you feel that you are that you are now unhappy about your car, (not that it sounds like though),
you should have refused to have accepted delivery at that point 'unless' the dealer agreed compensated you with something there and then.
I thought it was grey oak, not blue. Mine looks grey at least.
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