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I am using this app as a "portable diagbox", since most of the time i am only monitoring the regeneration intervals anyway.
The app is really good, and can show the same DPF live data and parameters as diagbox.
When i suspect a regeneration is close, i enable the log function to monitor the DPF-temperatures and duration.

The name of the app is simply "FAP".
There is only the "light" version available on the android market, you must install the Amazon store on your phone in order to get the full version.
That is done in 2 minutes, so no problem there.

Important: This app is on a different level than all the generic OBD apps on the android market, so a Chinese OBD dongle for 50p will probably not work.
You must use a OBD bluetooth dongle that supports extended protocols, or the app can not retrieve the manufacurer specific data sent via CAN.

And.... sorry you apple guys, no fun for you. Only for android.
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