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Hi guys, and thanks for all the great information on here. I've had my little Pug for 8 years now and have been in and out a few times over the years. Unfortunately, I'm totally useless when it comes to cars, so please bear with me.

The CD player has died, and I'm hoping someone can help. I've searched the forum already but couldn't quite find what I need. Have also spent hours googling and trawling YouTube. (If anyone has any installation advice or links, they'd be very gratefully received too!)

So - We've pulled the original stereo out, and have a JVC player to replace it.

I have a friend ready to install the new one, but would like to avoid needing to do any soldering if at all possible and buy an adaptor instead. I don't mind so much if the steering wheel controls don't work, and was told by some installers that I could just buy the adapters to install the stereo and not worry about the controllers.

I was about to do this tonight, but as I was about to order, was informed that I would 'blow up' something in my car, as it is 'CAN'- something. :eek:

I guess my questions are....

- can I blow up my car or any part of it if I don't instal the steering wheel adaptor?
- could anyone recommend a good place to buy the installation adapters? (I'm in Australia, so would need to be a Melbourne company or somewhere that does delivery)
- does anyone know of a good installation video or instructions for the soldering, should the adaptor route fail?

Thanks so much for reading all of that, hope I've been clear enough...I look forward to hearing what you think! :)
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