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That was part of the report from an AA mechanic who assisted my wife and daughter this afternoon when our 14 plate 5008 (24750 miles on the clock) lost all power in the outside overtaking lane of the M4 this afternoon.Luckily my wife is a skillful driver and pulled over to stop safely.
AA guy came along wife said car had stalled 3 times today - fine until then, he plugged his diagnostic box in and said that the injector is either blocked or broken.
AA arranged taxi for my wife and daughter and the car to be towed to the garage where I bought it from.Fortunately our warranty expires 1st September and was told that this problem would be covered by it.
We do use Asda`s a lot for cheap fuel,perhaps using a branded fuel station from now on might help ?
What do you think guys ?

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hi...I think your just unlucky..although I prefer branded fuel,,,...If super market fuel was that bad there wolud be a queue of court cases.....where I live theres not alot of saving between shell vs tesco
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