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Injector ports caked with carbon

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I'm doing all the prep work before putting camshafts, timing belt etc back on. Getting it all clean and ready.

So it looks like my biggest problem will be the injectors ports, the injectors have been removed for maybe 2 weeks and looking down the holes using a torch, the bottom is just full or carbon debris, no hole to be seen. A small amount of debris had probably fallen into the cylinder also. So essentially it looks like ports are clogged at the bottom. The sides are also caked in carbon but if the bottom hole is clogged then obviously no fuel will get through.

Is there any point in going any further before these are cleaned out. I thought I could try vacuuming using an extension and try and get as much loose carbon out as possible. Ideally I'd remove all the carbon from the sides also but I'm wondering if it's worth it. As long as the hole in the seat is visible and clear of debris will this be suffice?
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If possible I would put the injectors back in place and try to run the engine, while spraying throttle cleaner into air intake (throttle body). It will clean alot inside the engine while pushing it out with exhaust. I would repeat that process many times (maybe 3-4 times) and see what I get. If I am not satisfied with the result, then I would remove the engine head and clean it manually. I think physically trying to remove the debris from injector ports will make things much worse. There is still an option to decarbonize the engine cylinders through oil system. I wouldnt rule out that option either.
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