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I received a card statement yesterday, and discovered that there was an unauthorized charge from the InfoSys Technologies LLC in the amount of $11.98
I wanted to resolve the problem and called their customer support number 5176390760, but I reached their answering machine.
From the message I found out that the best way to contact them would be through e-mail [email protected]
I wrote a letter about my problem to the noted e-mal address, and within 10 minutes I received a reply that the situation will be reviewed, and in about 5-7
hours, I will receive a notice to my e-mail, and then, during 72 hours will be a refund.
Today I have received a refund and want to take back all the claims for InfoSys Technologies LLC.
The mistake was corrected very fast, and they have shown themselves as a serious company.
Besides, I got a free version of their software as compensation.
Good work, keep it up!
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