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Hi Guys,
This is my first post on here so please go easy on me!!!
My Fiance's 206 has pretty much always had trouble with the indicator stork. It went in for repair a couple of years ago but was never 100%
It's mainly me that drives it and I find that after completeling a right hand turn, when I bring the wheel back to the centre the left indicator comes on. This only happens when the movements on the wheel are very sudden (i.e. sharp turns).

But now things are much worse. Basically the stork doesn't 'feel' right when I try and select either left or right (right is worse).
And there is a clicking sound when the wheel is turned in either direction, even if a turning signal isn't selected. The clicking sounds as though it's the mechanism that cancels the turn signal once the manouver is completed.

So my questions are:

1) Should I replace the indicator stork? (I'm pretty certain this is at fault)

2) Can I do this myself? I removed the plastic housing behind the wheel, but couldn't see how to remove the stork. Can anyone point me in the dircetion of a "How To" on this?

3) If I can't do the repair myself, how much would I expect a dealer to charge for the work?

Thanks for any help and sorry if this has been covered before.
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