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Indicator Stalk Problems

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Hi Please Help
This is on behalf of my dad who has a 406 2.0 Deisal Rapier, He says that when he indicates right then straightens the steering back up the stalk automatically flicks to the left so that he is now signalling left without touching the stalk, this is the second stalk that has been fitted (under warranty not including the origonal ) & peugeot are quoting up to £200 to have this one replaced. Does anyone have any advice or can you tell me where he can get a cheaper replacement from.
Thanks in advance
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Not another Issue with the indicators, my suggestion pull out the exisiting stalk and go to a wreckers to get one from a citroen which seems to be identical yet reliable.
Thanks for the advice just one question what citroen should he try & also my dad has been told that the stalk has something to do with the airbag so would this have an effect
This is a known fault with most pugs (especially 406) try your luck for a replacement from peugeot they usually will do it for you as it a very common fault. Wont affect the airbag.
Absolutely Correct you should pursue Peugeot but if that fails try the old Citroen Xsara or C4 but check the stalk wiring looms first before you buy !:)
Hi Thanks for the advice again, my dad's been in contact with someone who used to work for a peugeot dealer & has been told that allegedly peugeot knew about the problem & have loads of the faulty ones to get rid of before the new version can be destributed, also as this is the fourth one he is reluctant to pay £200 (price quoted by local dealer) for one if that doesn't work or fails as well.
Try a scrappie or a breakers,you should be able to pick one up for about £10-£20 no problem,still think peugeot should replace it as it is a known and very common fault.
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