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Thought i would share my experience with my bulp faulty message coming and going the last months, the problem comes when i depress brake pedal or put on rear fog and use indicator.


The problem is often a bad earth in the rear lights i had this and changed the right bulp holder because the earth pin in socket had melted away, when i repaired it i put an new earth to chassis and put it directly in on the earth pin also i fused it together with the old earth.

The micro switch on you trailer contact lid is brooken and the car "thinks" you got trailer on and cant understand why it aint using any power, my mircoswitch was the thing causing the light i had the last month i connected the wires together and now all is good.

Hope this help anyone else, the problem with the micro switch can be caused by the salt that they are using on the road in the winter seems to be the case with mine.
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