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Hello all!

I'm a Motorsport fanatic and I love track days and having your own car on track. I'm finding the front grip on my 307 XSi is pretty poor through cornering. I'm on Bilstein coilovers to lower the cars centre of gravity - 55mm drop, pushed the wheels out with 15mm hub centric spacers, using 5 spoke 17" alloys from the 308 as they are half an inch wider than standard 307 17" 5 spoke alloys. I'm running decent tyres 225/45/17 Toyo Proxies T1-R's and as stated above, struggling with grip in the corners. I have noticed that the rear has very good natural negative camber and I have no problem with rear grip, yet the front wheels seem to sit straight - very very little negative camber.

I have a theory that under cornering the wheels are edging close to being in the positive camber region. In the ideal world, this is good for supermarket car parking....not for cornering. Therefore with positive camber the tyres are at maximum tyre wall flex before they break all grip. I would like to extend my wishbones by about an inch to move the bottom of the wheels out but do not know if there are identical wishbones off another Peugeot model that are longer before I look into the realms of custom jobbies.

Sorry to bore you all with my essay and theories!
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