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So I installed an Aftermarket blaupunkt Vegas head unit with canbus adaptor about 2 months ago all working, canbus features worked too. Awesome. Yesterday I was driving down the road singing along to my favourite tunes and the stereo cut out and would not switch on again. Had the head unit out and checked the fuse it's OK. After tinkering around with the multimeter I descovered the the yellow ignition power lead was not getting power to the head unit. Putting the Perm live and ignition live together it powers up so head unit OK. Also my cigarette lighter also does not work either which did before and they are in separate fuses (F8 & f9) so started to get concerned. Changed both fuses just in case but still no power to head unit and cigarette lighter when ignition is on. And to make it worse taking out the fuse reset my computer and canbus controls don't work now to reset them. Grrr anyone have any ideas what the fault could be please before I throw it into the dealer? I've tried the obvious but I'm stumped, hopefully it's something simple I'm over looking.

Thanks in advance

Oh it's a 2008 307cc

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