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Identifying a piece of metal.

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Hi everyone.
I hope you will all forgive me for jumping in with a technical question..

I have a 207 1.6 hdi, 2006 with dpf.

Whilst driving I had a momentary hesitation in power, which immediately made me think turbo, so I backed of and slowed right down (fortunately) as I then got a low oil pressure alarm.
I quickly turned into a side turn and shut everything off.

I assumed the oil pickup was clogged as I was on my way home from picking up oil/filters etc as I was going to drop the sump off anyway and inspect.

The engine itself actually made no untoward noises and had been running well returning 60mpg even on mostly short journeys.

I have started the strip down expecting to find a clogged pickup however when removing the oil filter/cooler housing for inspection I found a piece of metal wedged in the non return valve (the valve still functioned but the metal clearly restricted flow) on inspection it seems to be a piece of needle roller bearing race (confirmed be the two intact needles removed from the sump, about 8-10mm wide and about 3mm diameter. The piece of race is too small to accurately gauge the diameter but I expect larger than 50mm.

Everything else in the engine so far hasn't looked too bad. Not much carbon deposit in the oilways I can see and the filter in the turbo oil feed banjo is clean. The turbo has now got some slight play so needs replacing but its far from being a terrible sight.

So question is can anyone suggest where the needle roller bearing thats broken is?
I have yet to remove oil pump as i'm waiting for my timing belt pulley locking pins to arrive but that will be next. Worth a note, the gauze in the pickup was dislodged allowing things to get around it potentially.

Sorry its a long read but appreciate any input.

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Not sure if this is useful information to anyone but I found the source of the chunk of metal. It was a piece of the oil pump that had shattered.

Has anyone else experienced this before?

I suspect the car has had a turbo before but the oil pump wasn't replaced nor was the pick up. Although the oilways are remarkably clean so it must have had some engine cleaner through it fir several oil changes.

The only thing I haven't identified was the two rollers obviously from a needle roller bearing.

Has anyone got any idea where they use a needle roller bearing in these engines?

Here is a pic of the oil pump.


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