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Thought I'd introduce myself. Sadly I tried to do this when I bought my van in 2014 but for some reason I was unable to register with the forum.

So apologies for asking a question before introducing myself.

My vehicle ownership history includes a Citroen 2CV, a Dyane, and a Piaggio Ape. I've never worked out much about the Ape due to lack of service manuals, so I contented myself with changing the gearbox and filling the differential oils.

On buying a van three years ago, I couldn't bring myself to buy a Renault, and I eventually found a 54 plate Peugeot Partner 1.9, or it found me, not quite sure which. When I saw it had a cassette player, I decided to buy it right away.

It has now covered around 110,000 miles, with one careful owner. Sadly, this is me: the previous owner thought it was okay to leave hub nuts fingertight (it seems to have got away with that one), install driveshaft gaiters with cable ties (this didn't work), and run it 10,000 miles over a service interval. I had to change the oil twice when I bought it.

I try to take care of it... the other day my sedate driving got me pulled over. Possibly the policeman thought I was drunk or that I'd stolen the vehicle, but he was terribly friendly and let me go after a few questions.

Changing the cambelt was a fairly straightforward job, but I had to ignore most of what the Haynes manual told me and work out all the plastic clips and how to get various inaccessible bolts undone.

Do I like the Partner? Visibility is worse than a Citroen 2CV, and a dislike a lot of the controls such as the self-cancelling signals and the fact that high beam is switched on and off by the exact same motion. I also find a lot of maintenance tasks are unnecessarily longwinded and that my van also gives you exactly half a mile's warning that your alternator isn't charging, which is fairly unhelpful.

On the plus side, it's a bit more comfortable to drive than the 2CV (though motorway journeys take me longer because they are less exciting and so I have to keep stopping for tea), it has more tool-carrying capacity. it is lower maintenance than the 2CV, and it struggles to get up hills, so I forgive its failings.

Sorry, not good at introductions: can you work me out from my body language instead?

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A great introduction Ric2013, ever thought of writing a book, I'm pretty sure you'd be good at it.

Anyway welcome to the forum.........:thumb:
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