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Found this site for head up display.

Auto Caress Ltd. OBD2 Head-up-Display (HUD)

Plus this site which i emailed to try and get discount for pug owners.

I have recieved an email back and reads.

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your enquiry.

I have not tested the hud-e display on a 407, however, if the car has CAN-bus it will be compatible - see connector diagram on Home - or email a pic of the connector to this address to check.

Home -

The standard right angle connector we supply is very small (45mm tall) - so it only comes up about 3cm from the top of the connector when plugged in. As an alternative option - permenant installation is possible with basic electrical skills, requiring connection to grey/white pair behind passenger footwell and battery +and-, contact us for full details.

A 10% discount code is available for your members: PUG10

Valid until year end only.
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