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I am having turbo boost issues. The car sometimes goes into limp mode, but most time runs fine, but feels like the car is towing a truck especially from 1st to 3rd gear. when the CEL shows up on the dash board, it is always, P2099 and P2262. Otherwise, will mostly get a P2262 temporary code in OBDII, with no CEL.

I tested the wastegate with a vacuum pump, and the arm will move about 10mm +- (No measurement done, just an estimate) when I apply about 14in/hg vacuum.

I removed the hose from the wastegate actuator and connect the hose to the vacuum pump, and with engine running gauge reads about 25+ in/hg

I have tested the diverter valve connecting it to a 12v power source, and it seems to be functioning as expected. 12v applied valve retract (Open?), no power, valve spring up (Closed?)

Now. This is something that is baffling (At least with my limited knowledge with car electronic). When I tested the connection with a multi-meter. both wires have continuity to ground, and when ignition is turn on, it always reads 13v but the valve is not activated (Always closed).

Hope someone here gets the idea of my above description, and maybe throw some lights on how I should go about testing the turbo wastegate (Actuator, as well as pressure solenoid?) and diverter valves, as these are the 2 main culprit for P2099 and P2262?
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