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This is an easy job and takes less than an hour to complete for both sides. It is recommended to replace both springs.

Tools required:
- 16mm Socket and wrench
- Axle Stands
- Screwdriver

1 - Loosen wheel nuts
2 - place chocks on front wheels
3 - Jack up car. I used the axle underneath the coil spring as the jacking point. Place axle stands under normal jacking point
4 - Repeat the process for other wheel
5 - remove wheels
6 - remove wheel arch mud splash guard (2 screw off clips and 5 push clips. 2 are in the wheel arch, 2 under read bumper, 1 under front of wheel arch
7 - Loosen 16mm bolt holding shock absorber
8 - place jack under spring and jack up until the shock absorber bolt is loose and moves freely. remove bolt.
9 - lower jack until spring support is fully extended.
10 - Repeat the above process 6 to 9 for other wheel and suspension
11 - It should be now easy to slightly compress the spring to get it out of its location.

Refit is reverse of removing. Using jack under the spring to get the shock absorber back into the location to insert bolt.

My garage was charging £155 to replace both springs so I saved myself £100 by buying and fitting them myself.
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