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Hello everyone, i have a 307 XS PREMIUM 2.0 16v 2004 model, this is VAN BUS model, it doesnt come with power folding electric wing mirror from factory.

So i want to add them. I have bought the 2 wings mirror with electric power folding. The notable difference is that the power folding one comes with 2 more cables.

I have noticed that i have to change the windows commander too, to fold the wing mirrors from the inside of the vehicle, and i have to program the bsi with peugeot planet, to activate power folding when i close the car with my remote key.

Someone here do this modification ? I have read in other forums, that i have to change the windows motors too, because they have the electric part of the wing mirror motor.

I was thinking that maybe 2004 307 units doesnt come with this system because they are VAN BUS, maybe the new windows motor is CAN BUS. The windows`s motor is the one who receive info from the computer.

If we know that 2004 units are VAN BUS, and power folding is 2005 and more, maybe that newest windows motors are CAN BUS, and the comunicatte withe the bsi(computer) via CAN BUS. So it would not be an option to change the windows motor.

I was wondering i can use a microcontroller, to control power folding mirror motor, use the botton of the windows command, to activate or deactivate power folding with my microcontroller (PIC 16F628 ) and sniff the VAN BUS signal when you close the car, and with that signal power fold the mirror.

With that option i do not have to change the windows motors.

Someone has a better idea here?

Thanks very much!

Sorry for my english.
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