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Hello guys, G'day! I just bought this second-hand Peugeot 207cc from private. The vehicle service book shows he had done several services but not so regular. The odometer is currently showing 99300Kms. I got some questions about this car and I could not find on online resources related. Much appreciate for all the replies!

Engine: 1.6L Petrol.

Recommended Oil is Total Quartz INEO ECS (5W30). The first problem is where can I buy this total oil on the normal auto shop. Do I have to buy this at Peugeot dealers? Do they actually sell this oil to you or they will say you can only have this oil when you are servicing at there. If they sell it, how much do they often charge?

Besides this Total INEO ECS oil, any good oil recommend? Since this lion is kind of old, I wanna give it best oil as I can buy on the market. I did research on SCA, they recommended me to buy Castrol edge titanium 5w30. And I found online the Mobil 1 0W-40 Engine Oil is also pretty good. I just do not really know which one is the best for the engine. (By the way, the last owner just service this lion at some weird mechanics shop, they fed with SHELL HELIX PLUS 15W50...I don't really understand)

I want to do the basic service at home with my mate, the big question is where can I buy the gasket/O-ring for drain bolt. Do dealers sell it? should I just email them and ask it?

For the Oil filter and Air filter, do you guys prefer the OEM units or the Ryco? Where can I buy the OEM parts? Or do you guys have any recommendations?

When I cold started the car, the engine seems like got some noise. video link: yeah, mine one sounds like this. The you-tuber claims it's the rubber belt issue. But I don't know its the timing belt or the alternator belt sounds. Also, I can't really find out is this 88KW 1.6L petrol engine uses the timing chain or timing belt. Since its near 100k, what can I do to protect/maintain this engine?

If it is the timing belt/chain issue, what do you guys reckon will this fix cost? or should I take it to collier's auto shop?

I know the spark plugs are not that hard to replace, but I heard someone says after replacing the spark plug, I need to use pp2000 to adjust something on ecu?

AL4 Auto Gearbox

I know AL4 gearbox is a monster....., I have viewed a lot of posts about AL4 oil change, I think I am able to change it by myself. But the only question is where can i buy the special ATF oil? Still, have to buy through dealers? or do they even sell it?

Coolant issues:

currently, the coolant level is showing below the minimum a little bit. And I can not find any proper coolant is made for Peugeot on the market. Should i buy the coolant from the dealer? or should i just flush the system and use another normal coolant from SCA?

At this stage, my coolant's colour is kind of white/yellow. Can I just add some demineralised water to ensure the level is above the minimum level? I am planning to do a total coolant flush on Christmas. So can i use water during this short period?

Thank you so much for reading all of these non-sense sentences. I just want to take care of this 10 years old car as much as I can. I am also kind of low on budget.(still uni student), so I wanna do everything at home if it doesn't require special/expensive tools.(labour fees killed me). Any advice for maintaining old car would help! Thanks a lot! Appreciate all the replies!

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Dont use 0-40 oil it can cause issues with VVT system and trigger valve timing faults.

Use any good quality 5-30 fully synthetic oil and you will be fine. I use mobil 1 ESP in my DS and also used it in my daughters old 207CC 1.6 VVT with no issues
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