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If you've signed up to this forum for help with your Peugeot (don't worry, most people do!), then you'll probably be recommended to get a "Peugeot Planet" diagnostic before proceeding.

The reason for this is because some faults could be caused a number of different things - the "anti pollution fault" on screen could be literally a dozen different things - and throwing parts at a problem is expensive and time consuming.

What is "Peugeot Planet"?

Its a piece of diagnostic equipment designed just for Peugeot vehicles.

Why is Peugeot Planet better than other code readers?

Peugeot Planet can do so much more, besides giving detailed information on some fault codes which may relate only to Peugeots, it can read live data of all the major components of the car and even test components. Some code readers also fail to pick up fault codes.

Some scanners don't even provide the correct codes. I've seen some scanners tell people with petrol engined cars of faulty parts which are only fitted to diesel engines. Or they just give the unhelpful "manufacturer specific code" message. This can lead you on a wild goose chase if you Google it for advice.

I've done some tests with various scanners on my car with known EGR, diesel heater sensor, and glow plug faults and only Planet picked up these fault codes and read the live data to show that the parts were indeed faulty. And on two occasions I've known a national breakdown firm say that a customer's high pressure fuel pump has failed because that's what the code said, only for it to be an issue with the tank lift pump - one was a blocked filter, the other was weak current to the pump due to an old battery.

I also do freelance work for a number of independent garages with various professional code readers. The fact they still need me to use Planet and Diagbox shows that even the expensive kit can't do everything for every car.

What is "Lexia" and "Diagbox" ?

Lexia3 is the name of the hardware cable that sits between the car and computer.

To add to the confusion "Lexia" is also the name of the software that diagnoses Citroens!

Diagbox is an all-in-one package that diagnoses Citroen and Peugeot vehicles, and the occasional troublesome 307 that Planet won't read. Its the only software application which still gets updated. However, it is quite a resource hungry program and needs a fairly fast laptop to run at an acceptable speed (certainly not a Netbook with less than 4Gb of RAM and no SSD).

Should I go to a Peugeot dealer for a diagnostic?

You can, but they will charge their standard labour rate. This is usually around £80+VAT for one hour. Some dealers may do a half-hour rate.

What about other garages with diagnostic equipment or services?

You can try. I won't name and shame any products, but I'll just say that I work freelance for a number of garages with some well known diagnostic tools, and I get plenty of work when their expensive "scan-anything" devices can't find a fault.

What are the alternatives?

Many forum members own the diagnostic equipment and will be happy to help. Costs vary from a "pint of beer" upwards. There are no defined prices, so you need to speak to the member to negotiate cost. This should be negotiated in advance so as not to cause any friction.

You should also consider a second visit after a repair, not only to check the fault has gone, but to clear out the old fault codes which are stored.

How do I find a member?

First you should put your location in your user profile, that speeds things up a little.

After that click on the PEUGEOT PLANET MAP thread. There is a Google map showing the location of people with the equipment. The map also features owners from other motoring groups on Facebook to give maximum coverage.

Find the one closest to you and send them a PM (Private Message), not a visitor message, or contact them via Facebook or email if their details are on their pushpin.

Do this by clicking your profile picture on the top menu bar then click CONVERSATIONS.

Click the blue START CONVERSATION button under the banner pic:

Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

In the RECIPIENT box start to type in the username of the person you want to contact and it will auto-resolve:

Rectangle Font Parallel Software Screenshot

If there's nobody close, there is a similar map on - they may be Citroen drivers though, and may not be able to help with specific Peugeot technical queries - but it should be enough to get a diagnostic and bring the information here.

Will these people fix my car?

No. These are just regular Peugeot owners like yourself. They've just invested in the cable and a laptop in order to do diagnostics. They are just middlemen providing the information that the car is telling you. Its up to you what you do with this information and how you or a mechanic interprets it.

I can't send PMs!

This is to prevent spammers harassing members. To get your PM privileges enabled you must have contributed 20 posts to the forum. If you don't want to needlessly comment on random posts, use the NEED 20 POSTS BEFORE PM thread.

If you can't post on that one, try this one instead.

Usernames can be clicked - do this to check when they were last online. If they've not been online for a month or more, let Gibbo know so he can remove them from the map.

Make sure you send a PM and not a Visitor Message, PMs send a notification email, visitor messages do not.

I have the kit, how do I get on the map?

PM Gibbo the following: username, postcode where you want your pushpin, and towns / suburbs / shires where you're willing to cover.

The only "rule" is that you check the forum daily to see if members have contacted you. Maybe disable "visitor messages" as some new members get them confused with PMs, and you won't get an email notification for a visitor message like you can a private message.

There's nobody in my area

We're always looking for more people to go on to cover areas with gaps, or areas where people have sold up and moved to another make.

All you need is the Lexia cable (approx £40 from Aliexpress) and an old laptop or Netbook. Have a read at my guide here.
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