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How to display the Average MPG ?

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Picked the car up yesterday and it only displays the current MPG, which means one minute it says 20...the next it says 400...depending wether you are accelerating, cruising or breaking.

I'm I missing something as I cant seem to find any setting to change that...Or do I just need to wait until its got a few more miles on it...currently only has 22.

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Previous Peugeots have a button on the end of the wiper stalk to change the trip computer information that is displayed. No idea if it's the same on the new 3008 with it's all singing and all dancing infotainment system though.
Yep just a press of the button on the end of the right stalk, it has 2 average mpg's

3008 1.2 Man GT Line Pearl White (42.1mpg)
Perfect...thanks for the info
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