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Is someone able to tell me how many solenoids are on a 307 2.0 HDI 110bhp?
I've got some info on how to test them with a multimeter but it states 3 solenoids one with a grey connector, one with a black connector and another with a blue connector. I have those but i also have another solenoid with a blue connector. These are all down the front of the engine.

Do i need to take the solenoids out and test with the multimeter?
Also can someone confirm the values i should be getting from a good working solenoid please?
When people talk about EGR valve testing are they talking about the one under the windscreen?

Also, i've read quite a bit about doing vacuum testing on the turbo pipes which i would like to do, but i don't know which pipes is which really when i look in the engine.
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