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Strange question, but I just got myself a 2013 3008 Hybrid

Obviously want to spend some time dicking around with the radio and the navigation etc as you do

I cant switch the radio back on when it's not running?

I tried the button, nope
Tried putting the key in and press the button -Nope
Turned the key to position 2 (engine primed to start) got about 15 minutes play and the Power Eco Mode cut in and shut it back down again???

On my Merc - If i pull up and switch off the engine then the radio goes off, but if I dont get out within two minutes the HUD pops back up and it starts playing the radio again - Never had a car that I cant use the radio when stationary before and I've had 100's - Am I missing something?

Question is:

How can I play the radio with the engine/ignition off?
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